“Serving you first"


"To providea service in line with the Government policiesuplift the lifestyles of the societythrough a planned, efficient development processby becoming a proper co-coordinator of resourcesand stakeholder participation"


  • Implementation of government policies
  • Coordination of stakeholders towards development
  • Providing timely services. To halve the number of people who are in the poverty line

Overview of the Division

  • Province                                               - Eastern
  • Administrative District                            - Ampara
  •  Electoral Division                                  - Kalmuna
  • Number of Grama Niladhari Divisions       - 17
  • Area of Division                                     - 9 S.KM
  • Climate                                                  - Annual 
  • rainful(Normal)
    • Maximum temperature 36.6 C
    • Minimum temperature 24.1 C
  • Population                                              - 31057 (2017)

Our divisional secretariat division consist smallest land area in Ampara district which is highly congested with the people. This is the only division with hundred person Muslims in the Ampara District.

This Divisional secretariat area is located in a middle part of some other DS divisions such as Sammanthurai on the western, Kalmunai on the Northern, Karativu on the southern and the eastern bordered with sea of Bengal This Divisional secretariat area is highly urbanized and congested due to several reasons; increasing commercial activities in the main area of the village, the eastern site is potential for fishing and western site is fully engaged with paddy cultivation. There is a lagoon which is used by deep sea fisherman as anchorage to keep their boards.


Sainthamruthu DS division has seventeen Grama Niladhari Divisions. It is bordered by Kalmunai DS division to the north, the sea on the east, Karaitivu DS division to the south and Sammanthurai to the west. Total number of the population of Sainthamaruthu is 31057 and the majorities are moors. According to survey, 50.4% are men and 49.6% are women. Forty two percent of the population is less than 18 years old, 48% are between the age of 19-64 and 10% of the population is above 65 years in age. The population density of the division is 3072/sq km.




Having a long settlement history, Sainthamaruthu was focal point for Kalmunaikudy, Maligaikadu and Mavadipalli. Before 1999, Sainthamaruthu was considered part of the Kalmunai divisional secretariat area. Steps were taken to have a separate division for Sainthamaruthu and Sub Divisional Secretariat Division was established on 19th Dec 1999 and from 04th of Feb 2001 onward functioning as a separate Divisional Secretariat.




Accessibility is the main reason to the over crowd of this division especially in the coastal site.

Road infrastructure and connectivity of the Sainthamarutu DS Division
Road travel time to next secondary City (Ampara) (Hrs)                      - 50 Minutes
Road travel time to Colombo (Hrs)                                                    - 8 hours 30 minutes
Road travel time to international container seaport Trincomale (Hrs)    - 5 hours 30 minutes
Road travel time to international Airport (Colombo) (Hrs)                    - 8 hours 30 minutes

  • From Batticaloa to Kalmunai Junction along the Kalmunai, Ampara Main road passing about 500m away from Zahira College road junction Divisional Secretariat office is located just passing Sainthamaruthu market and Grand Mosque.
  • From Ampara to Karaitvu Junction through Sammanthurai and toward Kalmunai reach Maligaikadu Juction just passing 750m reach Divisional Secretariat office Sainthamaruthu.
  • From Pottuvil – reach Akkaraipattu and passing through Nintavur toward Kalmunai Akkaraipattu road passing Karativu junction reach Maligaikadu juncion and just passing Sainthamaruthu District Hospital and Public Library Sainthamaruthu. from there to 750m away Divisional Secretariat office is located.

Resources and Livelihood Activities

Sainthamaruthu DS Division is well endowed natural resources. Fisheries agriculture and services contribute significantly to the local economy and trade also plays an important role. It started with petty trade in the early history of the division and expanded to large scale trading   nowadays. In early times, fishery activities took place using traditional craft (Katumarang) and ordinary seines and have expanded to deep sea fishing.

Many people living here are engaged in agriculture, fisheries and other various sectors. About 13% of the population is unemployed and many of the workers are poorly paid.

The main agricultural crop is paddy. Around 1132 acres of land are cultivated annually within the division and most of the farmers’ paddy land is situated in the outside of the Sainthamaruthu DS area.

The main sources of the local economy of Sainthamaruthu DS Division are:

  • Agriculture (e.g. paddy, coconut, other field crops and horticulture)
  • Deep sea and aquatic fisheries.
  • Livestock rearing
  • Trade
  • Micro and small industries

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